Supply Chain

HARMAN strives to build strong working relationships with companies that not only deliver the highest quality goods and services, but share our steadfast belief in doing what’s right without compromise. HARMAN operations rely on strategic global partners for materials that will meet the needs of our product specifications while remaining sensitive to the larger impact of their manufacturing and business processes on the world around us.

To ensure that the entire HARMAN Supply Chain operates in a manner consistent with the company’s objectives, all suppliers are required to act in accordance with HARMAN’s Supplier Code of Conduct for better supply chain management.

This Code applies to all suppliers and their sub-suppliers of goods or services to HARMAN and its affiliates. It is considered an integral part of our business relationships and all suppliers are expected to meet the standards of conduct expressed in this Code without exception. In addition, all HARMAN suppliers must operate under Master Service Agreements and/or Purchase Orders that require Supplier Code of Conduct adherence and subject to audit by HARMAN at any time to ensure compliance with these standards.

Any supplier who fails to comply with the Code risks corrective action, which can include termination of the contractor agreements.

Executive oversight for the strategic implementation of the Supplier Code is provided by Procurement. Our corporate discipline translates into clearly defined policies regarding audits, certification, internal accountability, training, transparency and the responsible sourcing of minerals that go into in our products. Full details of these polices can be found on our Supply Chain Policies page.

Additional information regarding purchasing and supplier relationships can be found on our Supplier Terms and Conditions page.

HARMAN expects the highest standards of health and safety, labor rights and environmental impacts from our suppliers:

  • Each supplier must comply with the applicable legal requirements and standards under the laws of each country in which the supplier operates.
  • We expect suppliers to apply these minimum standards to their subcontractors and sub-suppliers.
RegionTotal Spend by RegionPercent total spend worldwide
*Not assigned$214,029,9748%
*Not assigned$268,501,1239%