Key data summary

FocusPerformance IndicatorGRI StandardsCY2017FY2016FY2015
EnergyUsage (Gigajoules)GRI 302469,594490,457423,974
Normalized Energy Usage (kWh/$1000 Net Sales)GRI 30217.1619.7119.13
EmissionsDirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions (metric tonnes CO2e)GRI 3055,6606,3285,550
Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions (metric tonnes CO2e)GRI 30547,64364,62950,841
Other Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions (metric tonnes CO2e)GRI 30524,61021,99216,519
EmploymentNew hires (employees)*GRI 40110,5676,6636,711
New hires – Asia (employees)GRI 4013,6431,6891,813
New hires – EMEA (employees)GRI 4011,7111,6791,553
New hires – North America (employees)GRI 4015,0443,0403,044
New hires –South America (employees)GRI 40184190274
Terminations (employees)*GRI 4018,5655,4243,880
Terminations - Asia (employees)GRI 4012,9321,2601,123
Terminations - EMEA (employees)GRI 4011,4031,313748
Terminations – North America (employees)GRI 4014,0192,6571,856
Terminations – South America (employees)GRI 401151163123
Occupational Health and SafetyTotal Injury and Illness Incident Rate (per 200,000 labor hrs)GRI 4031.151.201.26
Total Lost Time Injury and Illness Rate (per 200,000 labor hrs)GRI 4030.480.460.51
DiversityGender (% women of workforce)GRI 40533%33.439.4
Age (% of workforce)GRI 405<30 = 27.6
30–50 = 61.7
<50 = 10.7
<30 = 28.9
30–50 = 60.1
<50 = 11.0
<30 = 27.3
30–50 = 57.6
<50 = 15.1
CY2017 environmental data represents a global scope of 13 significant production facilities' reported data. Historic data reflects an expanded scope of facilities, as well as discontinued operations.
Energy use is comprised of the total reported usage of electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil for significant locations of operation.
Legacy Symphony Teleca locations began reporting data in April 2015.
Greenhouse gas emissions are calculated from total reported electricity, natural gas, fuel oil.
Base year emissions are from FY2012; this has since been updated to include data from the Vienna facility. Refrigerant data available for FY2015 and FY2016 only.
Other Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Scope 3) data available for FY2014 - CY2017 only.
Emissions Information Sources:
US Environmental Protection Agency, 2015. "Emissions & Generation Integrated Database (eGRID) Tenth Edition with year 2012 Data Version 1.0."
International Energy Agency Data Services. 2015. "CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion (2015 Edition)"
Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs "Measuring and reporting environmental impacts: guidance for businesses (2015 Edition)"
EPA Center for Corporate Climate Leadership GHG Emission Factors Hub. Last Revised November, 2015 Global Warming Potentials (GWPs) were sourced from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
*The sum of regional new hires may differ from total new hires due to a difference in accounting.