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About this Report

HARMAN’s 2018 Sustainability Report marks our fourth publication of our biennial reporting on the environmental, social, and economic topics that are most material to our business. We are pleased to share this 2018 update with our broader stakeholder audience, to clearly communicate why our sustainability priorities are important to our business.

This report contains a comprehensive overview of our sustainability strategy, including a summary of progress since our last report in 2016. This report also describes how we integrate sustainability into identifying opportunities throughout the course of our global business activities.

We are dedicated to transparency and disclosure of our policies, initiatives and associated metrics. This report is just one way we share our sustainability story with stakeholders. Additionally, in 2017, we responded to CDP Supply Chain requests for Climate and Water, prepared a Business Roundtable Sustainability Report, submitted a United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress; and responded to customer-specific questionnaires via direct request or through platforms (e.g., EcoVadis).

Note: In March 2017, Samsung acquired HARMAN International Industries. As a result, HARMAN’s Fiscal Year schedule changed to a Calendar Year to match Samsung’s reporting cycle. Additional detail regarding the scope and boundary of reporting can be found in the “Our Approach” section of this report.