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Smart solutions that are driving the sustainable evolution of world-class audio.

Crown’s® DriveCore Technology is another illustration of HARMAN’s game-changing solutions in sustainable audio. By replacing up to 500 parts with one small chip, we increased reliability, improved operating efficiency and delivered unsurpassed performance. The smaller size and lighter weight of these products further reduces the amount of shipping materials required. This, in turn, can lower costs and emissions for our customers who transport HARMAN products for live events.

For permanent installations such as convention centers, stadiums and casinos, DriveCore’s lower heat generation decreases air conditioning requirements, leading to less direct energy usage. For example, the DriveCore Install 2|300 Network amplifier draws 81 percent less power, produces 84 percent less heat, and is four pounds lighter than when compared to the prior model. Equipped with Sleep and Auto-Standby features, this amplifier also delivers additional power savings.

All DriveCore-based products:

  • Use recycled copper, aluminum and steel from factory processes
  • Offer energy-saving modes
  • Conform to lead-free RoHS standards
  • Feature a low-energy powder coat that uses 33 percent less energy

Energy-efficient DriveCore technology can be found in product lines such as the XLS DriveCore Series, ComTech DriveCore Series, DriveCore Install Series, Lexicon DD-8 multi room amplifier and the newly launched JBL Commercial Series amplifiers.