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The cutting edge of audio.

GreenEdge audio solutions are living proof that reducing energy consumption, heat production and overall ecological footprint shouldn’t come at the expense of quality. Patrons of stadiums, theaters, cinemas and nightclubs experience first-hand how making environmentally responsible choices can still produce an unrivalled acoustical experience.

GreenEdge was developed to deliver the highest possible performance from infotainment systems, speakers, amplifiers and other electronic components while keeping in mind our capacity for producing eco-friendly technologies. Every GreenEdge system component is packaged in an advanced, lightweight housing that is built using sustainable materials such as carbon fiber. By eliminating waste heat, bulky cooling fans or heat sinks are no longer required, resulting in cooler, smaller, lighter and more efficient products.

On the road, GreenEdge helps to lower emissions in traditional vehicles, thanks to lighter weight and reduced power consumption in our automotive audio applications. Especially valued in electric and hybrid vehicles, GreenEdge helps deliver longer battery life, greater travel range and more power.

The advances are dramatic. For example, through advanced system components and breakthroughs in audio engineering, GreenEdge can reduce the weight of car audio systems by a full 27 percent and produce power savings of up to 80 percent.

There is currently no standard certification for professional audio; however, vigorous demands and specific installation requirements are frequently the norm and integrators are asked to make considerations based on minimizing ecological footprints. GreenEdge technology is a comprehensive “alternative certification” that assesses nearly every aspect of select products in an effort to reduce environmental impact.