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Packaging isn’t merely a necessity. For HARMAN, it’s an opportunity — to cut costs for our business, reduce waste for the environment and exceed expectations for consumers.

By working to reduce complexity and employ intelligent engineering, our product design teams are cracking the code for delivering products that will stand the test of time safely to our customers while minimizing our impact on natural resources and the environment.

The evolution of our products is what keeps us at the cutting-edge of our industry. We focus our efforts on creating improvements through technology and design that let us outpace the competition, and at the same time help create outcomes that are efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible. For example, our redesign of the JBL® Flip speaker packaging has resulted in a 5 percent reduction in volume from the Flip 1 to the Flip 3, reducing material consumption and enabling us to ship more product in one trip, save fuel costs and cut back on transportation-related emissions.

HARMAN’s Lifestyle consumer products contribute toward the costs of energy recovery and recycling by meeting the PRO EUROPE Green Dot® logo requirements. We also continue exploring new and improved ways to work in conjunction with the European Commission Directive for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).