Report structure and purpose

HARMAN has utilized GRI G4 reporting principles as guidance to achieve transparency in reporting.

Key stakeholders have been identified and the report has been structured to respond to their reasonable expectations and interests. The context of the report was developed in alignment with key stakeholder expectations, materiality of issues, the global outreach of HARMAN and the boundary scope necessary for completeness.

The quality of information in this report enables our key stakeholders to make sound and reasonable assessments of our sustainability performance. Both positive and negative aspects of HARMAN’s performance have been presented to enable a reasoned assessment of overall performance.

This represents HARMAN’s first report using the GRI G4 guidelines. In order to facilitate comparability over time, methods and assumptions used to calculate data and prepare information will be kept consistent and differences clearly explained.

The focus on key issues to HARMAN and relevant stakeholders establishes the quality and materiality of the information presented. The presentation format allows for clarity and ease of understanding.