When it comes to electronics, we’re raising the bar in efficiency and performance.

Whether on the road or around the home, the goals of reducing energy costs, protecting the environment and conserving precious natural resources are vital. At the same time, consumers want the best possible experience. HARMAN delivers on all fronts.

HARMAN GreenEdge is an eco-friendly technology initiative, designed to reduce power consumption, weight and heat generation in our speakers, amplifiers, infotainment systems and other electronic components without sacrificing performance. System components are packaged in advanced, lightweight housings that are built using materials such as carbon fiber. The result is cooler, smaller, lighter, more efficient products.

HARMAN products carrying the GreenEdge designation offer:

Professional applications

Professional sound systems like those used in stadiums, theaters, cinemas and nightclubs have traditionally required tremendous power to deliver the sound quality audiences want. HARMAN GreenEdge audio solutions significantly reduce energy use, heat and overall ecological footprint, while offering a best-in-class acoustical experience.

We have also reduced the weight and size of professional touring equipment, making these products easier to transport from venue to venue. This results in fuel consumption and emissions reduction.

Automotive applications

HARMAN GreenEdge technology helps to lower emissions in traditional vehicles, thanks to lighter weight and reduced power consumption. These criteria are especially valuable for electric and hybrid vehicles, where HARMAN GreenEdge technology delivers longer battery life, greater travel range and more power for other automotive accessories. In 2014, over 350,000 GreenEdge units were installed in 21 different vehicle models across seven major automotive brands.

Consumer product applications

Our technology can also be found in innovative amplifier and speaker designs that come with a smaller environmental footprint, while delivering substantial increases in performance and system efficiency.

Although energy efficiency certifications exist for consumer goods, they do not take into account the total environmental impact of each product. For example, the energy used to transport heavier products, the raw materials used to create it, or the amount of space it takes up in cargo containers or on retailer shelves. GreenEdge design goes beyond power consumption and optimizes items such as total weight, materials used and product size.