Learning and development

To reach our full potential as a company, we constantly challenge ourselves. If we don’t disrupt our business, someone else will.

HARMAN’s approach to employee education and professional development reflects the urgency and importance of rapid change in our industry. The knowledge and qualifications of our employees are critical to our success in the marketplace and must be kept at the leading edge.

We offer a variety of learning opportunities to employees, based on their role in the organization. In addition, specialized training is available to build the competencies needed to deliver against customer requirements and to enhance management effectiveness.

Our online talent management system empowers employees around the world, allowing them to track their performance and manage their own career development. The system also provides our leaders with data that informs decisions regarding individual and organizational learning needs and succession management. Approximately 70 percent of employees receive regular performance and career development reviews.

In addition to online resources and personalized development plans, HARMAN conducts an ongoing succession planning process for senior management and other key executives. This is the very definition of sustainability – ensuring that we have the right talent to lead critical functions, regardless of what the future may bring.