Simpler, smarter packaging yields dividends to the environment, the community and the Company.

Good packaging does more than protect, identify and position our products. It’s also a source of opportunity. Reducing packaging waste saves money in materials, energy, transport and disposal – benefits that cascade through the entire value chain.

HARMAN uses lean manufacturing and Design for Environment methodologies to create lighter weight, more recyclable packaging and remove unnecessary materials.

Our Professional division has implemented several packaging initiatives across HARMAN U.S. distribution centers.

In our Lifestyle business, we have taken steps to ensure all consumer products adopt design and packaging that conform to our sustainable practices:

Looking ahead, HARMAN is closely following the work of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which seeks to accelerate the shift to a circular economy. Circular economy thinking will challenge our design teams to move away from the current linear “cradle to grave” model to a circular "cradle to cradle" model, thus eliminating waste by design. For example, our packaging materials could be regenerated as part of a closed-loop system rather than being used once and then discarded. We will report our progress on this important initiative in subsequent reports.