Supplier policies

Creating sustainability throughout our value chain starts with our suppliers.

HARMAN seeks long-term partnerships with suppliers that share our values and goals. To make sure that our entire supply chain operates in a manner consistent with the company’s objectives, all suppliers are required to act in accordance with HARMAN’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Code is our assurance to our customers, investors and regulators that our high standards for employment practices, health, and safety standards are met throughout our network of suppliers. Executive oversight for the strategic implementation of the Supplier Code is provided by the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, who reports directly to the CEO.

Our corporate discipline translates into clearly defined policies regarding audits, certification, internal accountability, training, verification, transparency and the responsible sourcing of minerals that go into in our products. Full details of these polices can be found on our Supply Chain Policies page.

Additional information regarding purchasing and supplier relationships can be found on our Supplier Terms and Conditions page.