Corporate water stewardship is both good business and critical for the well-being of communities, ecosystems and watersheds.

Strong water stewardship helps companies identify and manage water-related business risks and allows them to contribute to and help enable more sustainable management of shared freshwater resources. Stewardship also reduces operational costs; protects the company from ensuing water stress; and improves the company’s image in the eyes of consumers, investors and nearby communities.

Materiality of water use where HARMAN operates

HARMAN’s production processes are not water intensive. However, water usage is identified as a material issue based upon global water risk mapping tools, stakeholder input and the visibility of increasing water stress in many of the countries where HARMAN operates.

Note: The chart does not reflect water usage data from the Shanghai, China and Seoul, South Korea support offices; the Schaidt, Germany production facility, which was taken offline in April 2013; and the Potters Bar, UK and Manaus, Brazil facilities. The exclusion of this data should not significantly change the trend of relatively flat water usage during the reporting period, given that the reported total is based on worldwide consumption.

Data management system improvements are being implemented to capture information from these facilities going forward into FY2015.