Recognition and retention

HARMAN retains high-quality employees by creating an environment where people feel valued, can contribute in a meaningful way and are rewarded for excellent work.

Our ability to retain talent lies in finding the right fit for our culture. We value employees who thrive in an entrepreneurial, creative and collaborative environment.

HARMAN fuels high performance by providing employees with the resources and tools they need to do their best work, deliver strong results and continuously develop their professional skills. Our employees share a spirit of partnership and entrepreneurship – a commitment to their teams, passion for superior quality and a strong work ethic that produces winning results.

That culture of teamwork and recognition for potential fueled our legacy of “firsts.” Thanks to our employees, we were part of the first talking movie, the first (second and third) Woodstock music festival and the first integrated infotainment system – to name a few.

Making employees part of our progress

Our ability to think and create in new ways defines us and drives our success. In a never-ending pursuit of excellence, we approach innovation from many different directions.

In 2013, HARMAN launched the HARMAN Innovation Studio, a program to harness the power of our greatest resource: our employees. By encouraging and recognizing their efforts, we give them pride of ownership in our success.

This initiative has gained great momentum. So far, employees have participated in six challenges ranging from marketing programs to new product ideas and ways to reduce our environmental footprint.