Our approach

We’re helping people travel safely and use less energy.

The HARMAN approach to product development aligns closely with our focus on sustainability. We emphasize innovative products that are simpler, safer, more efficient in operation, along with a purposeful use of lighter and better-performing materials. At HARMAN, designing for sustainability makes good business sense. It’s what our customers demand.

Solutions for a greener world

HARMAN is always looking for ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our products. By reducing waste and building products that require less energy, we help cut carbon emissions while improving the sustainability track record of our customers’ supply chains.

Our partnerships with global automakers are a powerful catalyst for this effort. HARMAN technologies enable OEMs to reduce vehicle weight and power consumption without sacrificing best-in-class performance.

Protecting the environment also means finding ways for people to use less energy in their daily lives. Our Infotainment division offers Eco-Routing navigation solutions that allow drivers to travel on the most energy-efficient route, based on traffic patterns and topography. We’re also making electric vehicles more practical, with a unique technology that locates and provides navigation to local charging stations. HARMAN also applies energy-saving technologies in our professional audio business. Our large-scale sound systems for sports stadiums and performance venues, today, consume a fraction of the power used just a few years ago.

HARMAN Lifestyle consumer products carry the Green Dot® logo, a show of HARMAN’s contribution towards the costs of recovery and recycling. The more efficient our packaging and design, the lower our Green Dot® fees; that’s a powerful innovation incentive. In addition, we are exploring enhanced recyclability of our products in conjunction with the European Commission Directive for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Solutions for a safer world

HARMAN is constantly innovating to promote safer, more secure driving experiences. We’re making significant advancements in wireless networking, streaming audio, hands-free connectivity, driver assistance, safety systems and more.

Our systems will continue to integrate advanced driver assistance and safety measures as technology evolves. We have developed a next-generation, scalable infotainment platform that promises to become a key technology for the connected cars of tomorrow. This innovative system architecture supports rapid development of apps and advanced safety measures.

HARMAN has also introduced a range of technologies for the growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles. An example is our HALOsonic family of sound-management solutions that improve both vehicle safety and interior comfort.