Sustainability at HARMAN

We think about sustainability as an integrated set of actions and measurements designed to help our company, our customers’ businesses and our communities endure and thrive.

Our sustainability vision is simple and clear: To be a best-in-class employer and provider of technology solutions that are beneficial to the long-term well-being of the people and communities we serve.

To realize the potential inherent in this vision, we must effectively manage today’s business challenges while setting ourselves, and our partners, up for future success. When HARMAN makes commitments, we intend to keep them. To be effective, we ensure that the targets we set can be measured, and that we are fully transparent and accountable to all of our stakeholders.

Our mission is to create value for shareholders, customers, employees and communities. This requires that we incorporate environmental, social and economic considerations at every level of the organization. Instead of creating siloed functions or campaigns, we foster a culture of joint ownership across the HARMAN family. Sustainability simply becomes our way of doing business.

In FY2014 at HARMAN, we increased our focus on sustainability, creating a task force with representation across the company and establishing clear targets to reduce our manufacturing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Our sustainability vision is reflected in everything we do, including the design of HARMAN products – yielding safer operation, reduced energy and material use and greater customer satisfaction.