Operations landscape

HARMAN facilities are globally distributed to optimize performance and efficiency.

Infotainment division

Our Infotainment manufacturing facilities are located in Germany, Hungary, the United States, Mexico, China, Brazil and India.

Lifestyle division

European facilities in Germany, France and Hungary are used to manufacture automotive audio components. Our North American manufacturing facilities are located in Mexico for automotive audio components and Kentucky for automotive electronics. We also manufacture automotive audio and electronic components in China. We primarily use original design manufacturers and outsource the manufacture of consumer audio products to generate cost efficiencies, deliver products faster and better serve our customers. These manufacturers are primarily based in China. We also have a facility in Brazil that produces aftermarket automotive audio products.

Professional division

In North America, our manufacturing facilities are located primarily in Mexico for loudspeakers, in Indiana for products including amplifiers and effects devices, and in the state of Washington for video and control products. In Europe, the division’s facilities manufacture electronics includes mixing consoles in the United Kingdom, lighting solutions in Denmark and microphones and headphones in Austria. Electronics manufacturing in Brazil includes electronic loudspeakers, amplifiers and other components. Manufacturing facilities in China produce electronic components including audio electronics and loudspeakers.